Originally from Leamington Spa I now live in Portsmouth with my wife and two children, where I have done for the past 10 years or so.  It’s great living by the coast and it also happens to offer some great locations to shoot in!

Photography is a diverse subject but I have found my niche in portraiture.  Broadly speaking I either do one-to-one photo shoots, such as fashion style modelling sessions, or as hire as a wedding photographer.  I really enjoy a mixture of work within the portraiture field and am always open to shoot ideas from creative minded individuals.

If you are thinking of hiring me as a wedding photographer I would describe my style as follows….I approach the day with a mixture of reportage style photos and contemporary portraiture photos of the bride and/or groom. With the portraiture photos I use a mixture of actions (dancing, walking) and direction (holds) to guide the bride and groom.  While for example it may be necessary to suggest poses to the bride and groom for their portraits I tend to suggest actions such as ‘cuddle and gently touch heads together’ or ‘walk and talk’ to do these.  This gets natural photos, with natural reactions, as opposed to the ‘smile at the camera and now kiss’ routine that many photographers slip into.

The bulk of my yearly work however is during the one-to-one photo shoots, either in or out of the studio.  I really do love these shoots and have worked with many dancers, actors and models to help build their portfolios.

You will also find a blog on this website called Limelight.  The aim of the Limelight blog is to provide a bit of background to my work throughout the year, with hopefully some interesting articles for those already interested in photography, and also for people who are thinking of hiring me to see how I work.

Beyond photography I love all sorts of music and a good beer at the local pub!  My kids, of course, also keep me very busy…

Anyhow, thats me! Cheers for stopping by.