4 Light Studio Set Up


With the weather taking a turn towards winter I felt it was about time to venture back indoors to the studio.

Working with Chai, we set about creating some head shots with a certain ‘Cleopatra’ twist largely inspired by the art deco head dress supplied by Glamragzz. My favourite edit from the shoot was the main image at the top of the post.

I felt this shot really hit the nail on the head with what we set out to do; a mysterious intensity provided by Chai coupled with some great wardrobe (Glamraggz) and subtle themed make up by Miriam King.

Camera settings: ISO 200, 1/125, f/16 (pretty standard studio settings).

4 lights were used for the set up:

The main shadow on Chai’s face should tell you a lot about the key light….
It’s relatively hard, classically butterfly in shape, and positioned directly under Chai’s nose….produced from a gridded beauty dish positioned centrally at about a 45º angle from above.

2 gridded strip boxes positioned equally to the left and right provide some shimmer to the fabric wrapped around Chai and a dash of light to her cheekbones.

A final small umbrella, dialled right down in power, was pointed upwards at an angle from the floor to produce some interesting catchlights on the bottom of the eyes.

A lighting diagram is shown below…note that the beauty dish and floor standing small umbrella are overlayed as they were both positioned centrally.


More shots from this shoot are linked to my portfolio here.


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