Gothic Styled Shoot using Video Light


I love using LED video light for photography.

Its continuous light, meaning you have ‘what you see is what you get’ control, and its also a very tight light source, meaning it can look very dramatic and not spill over into unwanted areas of the shot.

The downside is that the power is relatively low, meaning it can only be used in low ambient light scenarios. You also have to be very specific in its placement to produce a flattering light pattern. Its going to produce hard shadows!

It was a perfect light option for a gothic styled editorial evening shoot I had planned in Old Portsmouth. I wanted to have some dramatic lighting mixed in with the candle light used to add some ambience to the shots, and provide some additional background lighting.

When blending additional light with ambient light it helps to match the colour temperature of the two to make the extra light appear seamless.

Although the shoot was performed in ‘daylight’ – it was in fact very dark at this point – the candle light produces a very warm light. As a result the main contributor to the ambient light was the candles. The video light itself is daylight balanced (5600K) but it comes with a very handy magnetic warm filter (3200K). Snapping this onto the front means the colour temperature of the candle light and LED are now much closer.

A link to the LED light can be found here. At between £60-£80 on line these are a bargain addition to a photographers camera bag!

More images from the shoot can be found in my Portfolio section of my web site.

2 great models, Charlotte King and Gemma Butterworth, and hair/make up by Miriam King completed the shoot.

Camera settings for the main above shot ISO 2000, f/4, 1/80 sec.


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