Commerical/Beauty shoot with Lucy and Charlotte – two studio set ups


Earlier this month I had an enjoyable photo shoot with Lucy Jade Model and Charlotte King. We wanted to produce some commercial/beauty style images and I had two set ups in mind to give two distinct looks, both involving shooting against some studio lights.

Set up 1 – Glitz and Glossy.

The main image at the top of Charlotte King was from this set up.  Shooting against the two lights provided a bit of glitz and glamour, as well as some rim lighting to Charlotte. A beauty dish was used as the main key light. Setting up firstly involved getting the back lights set up with regards to placement and power that I desired.   Secondly, the key light was metered for the distance to Charlotte, and the aperture & ISO set on my camera.

Charlotte flicked her hair continuously over a period of a minute or two (slowly but steadily so I could trip the shutter in time) until we got the shot we wanted. I love the backlight to Charlotte’s hair and the positioning of the light to the side of her head.

The final photo needed little processing from camera.  I did perform some split toning in Lightroom by adjusting the shadows towards a blue tone, opting for a cooler look for these particular images.

Camera settings: ISO 200, 1/125, f/9.0.

Set up 2 – Washed out and Dreamy.


One light provided background and key light on Lucy. I knew what I wanted to achieve to go with the natural make up and so I set up the lighting in a similar fashion to the high key images I took with Miss Vixxen.

I adjusted the fill light slider in Lightroom to increase the washed out look as I didn’t quite get the effect I desired straight out of camera. Repeating this set up I would have the model stand slightly further away from the back light to reduce light fall off to her camera facing side. A white reflector was used to bounce light back into the models face to increase the fill light on this shoot but I would definitely like to tweak this set up to get the straight out of camera shot to perfection. Even so, I was extremely happy with the final image and love the natural glow the back light has produced across the neck and hand of Lucy; very ethereal. The white balance was adjusted a smidge to give these images a slightly warmer feel.

Camera settings: ISO 200, 1/125, f/4.0.

Make up and hair for all these shots was provided courtesy of the talents of Miriam King.


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