Vintage Elegance with Jade Hargood

JadeH-9A couple of weeks ago I met up with Jade Hargood in Botley for a vintage styled photoshoot. I have to tip my cap to some excellent styling from Miriam King who provided vintage hair work and make up for the shoot. The 50’s original dresses for the shoot were provided by Nikki Glamragzz.

The main photo at the top was one of many from the shoot that I was proud of.   I love the simple but elegant pose (credit Jade Hargood) and lighting – I think I’ll take some credit from the shoot!

Some technical info regarding this image…..


1/250, f/2.8, ISO 200; Manual flash off camera.

The main light source for our subject was an off-camera flash mounted in a 24 x 24″ softbox. Using the same thought process as described in my shoot with Minty the ambient light was underexposed by a stop or so and the flash light picked up the rest to give some lovely soft, and directional light, on Jade.

Specifically, I wanted a short lighting effect on the models face. Short lighting is defined by illuminating more predominantly the side of the face that is turned away from the camera. This is a classical way of lighting a females face as opposed to more masculine broad lighting. You can see an interesting gradient of light from short to broad side of face in the above picture.  To do this the light box, mounted on top of a light stand was positioned to camera left at an angle approx 90 degrees to my left…..


There were other good shots from the shoot that I intend to blog about at a later date…


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