Subtle Catchlight with a Reflector


I very rarely use a reflector. I have one always in my bag but in fact I can’t remember the last time I used it. However, during my recent shoot with Hannah I wanted to bring here eyes to life by adding a catchlight…..cue refelector!

We had a lovely summer evening shoot at a spot near Rowlands castle. The light, although dropping nicely, was still pretty bright at about 6pm in the evening and there was little shade in the meadow field that we decided to shoot in. I wanted to give a summery feel to the shots and decided against any additional lighting. I also wanted Hannah to move in some of the shots so wanted a nice fluid feel to the shoot, without the need to have the extra equipment following around.

Hannah turned up wearing white…..perfect for quickly metering against using the technique I described in a previous blog. I also made sure that the sun was positioned behind Hannah for most of the shoot.

Back to my original point, here is a shot taken at the same spot just before the image at the top….

A lovely shot, but the eyes required a blip of light from somewhere just to bring them to life a bit. To do this I had the reflector held to camera left at floor height at an angle not directly at Hannah. Angling away had two benefits…one, that the light bounced back did not make Hannah squint and two, the slight additional bit of light was not sufficient enough to make me adjust my camera settings.

My camera settings for both these images above were….
ISO 200, f/2.8, 1/250


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