Soft Light – Studio shoot with Lucy


For this studio session with Lucy the aim was to couple some striking make-up with some soft lighting for a series of editorial style images…

Soft lighting is characterised by soft diffuse shadows. To achieve this the light source needs to be large relative to the subject, which wraps around the model. For the key light I used an Elinchrom Rotalux Octa 100cm Softbox mounted on a boom arm positioned nice and close, about 2.5 feet, directly and very slightly right above Lucy. As the light source was directly from above I also used a white reflector, held on Lucy’s lap, to bounce some fill light back up to completely eliminate any shadows.  It is worth clicking on the above picture to view large scale!

The set up looked something like this (studio image taken by Derek at Rivendell Studio)….


The gridded rectangular soft box to the camera left was not used for the image at the top but for one later on in the series.  There was a flagged strobe pointed directly on the white backdrop to produce a high key effect.

Make up was provided by Miriam King, which we liaised about prior to the shoot. Fantastic!!!!

Not every shot is going to come off during a session but it is important as a photographer to notice faults, or ways of improving a shot, during a shoot to avoid a ‘d’oh!’ moment when looking back at the images later on at home – it is too late then!  With such a nice large light source, and being so close to the model, the catchlight in the eyes is also rather large!  Here is a shot (image on left below), where Lucy was directing her stare more towards the light, where the catchlight completely fills the pupil of her eyes….

Recognising this fault I held my hand up and told Lucy to look at it.  Moving my hand slowly until I had the pupils in a good position I was then able to get the image below right.  Click on images to enlarge.  Less zombie like I think you will agree!!

A few other images from the shoot…..




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