Strike a pose!


You’ve arranged a shoot….you’ve found an ideal location….you’ve discussed wardrobe and styling….you’ve prepped all your gear….all that’s left is to put your model in front of the camera and click the shutter, right? Not quite….

This article was inspired by a recent facebook post by one of my favourite photographers, the awesome Jennfier Alder. Her invaluable tip to anyone modelling is to have a handful of pose ideas ready for the day – and also goes on to say this this can also depend on the wardrobe for that shoot; be it a long flowing skirt, backless top, bikini or whatever. Great advice!

‘Become familiar with a handful of simple poses’ is something that I have found myself occasionally mention to models before or during a shoot. Even better is to pick a handful of poses that you can move simply between.

However a photo shoot is DEFINITELY a two way street between the model and photographer and this advice, in my opinion, rings true for those behind the camera too!

Yes, as a photographer, I also practice the odd pose or two in front of the mirror (sssshhhhhhh!!). I’m sure that anyone I have worked with can vouch that I am prepared to demonstrate a figure or two. Obviously, it doesn’t quite have the same impact when I do it as opposed to the model (!) but the point here is that it is easier to get someone to mimic a pose by mirroring what your doing, rather than with verbal direction. This is true for me whether I am in the studio, on location, or posing a couple during a wedding.

It can also break the ice a bit on a photoshoot and inspire a bit more of a collaborative process in coming up with new pose ideas.

For me then, depending on the type of shoot, I research similar themed images to find things that I like and try to memorise a couple of these poses for the shoot. More often than not this is just to get things going. Look at magazines, look through the internet…even go as far as keeping a scrap book of poses.

When both the model and photographer do this before a shoot it can only help with the creative process on the day.

I really like the pose on the main image for this blog. Simple, flattering and easy to remember!


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