Indie/Rock Fashion Shoot – from concept to end results


In response to a casting call that I put out on ModelMayhem, model Hilary and I arranged a studio shoot with an Indie/Rock theme. The aim of the shoot was to create a set of images that had a bit of life and energy about them!

Prior to the shoot itself we batted around a few images that we had seen and liked the look of, and that fit in with the vision in my head, and also some ideas with regards to wardrobe. Hilary pulled out some great outfits for the day that really fit the bill.

Getting professional make up is a BIG plus (fast becoming a necessity for me) when arranging a shoot and Miriam King kindly provided the usual impeccable facial artistry! On the day itself Miriam and Hilary came over to my house about an hour before the shoot to do make up, whilst listening to a bit of Rolling Stones.

In an hours shoot we managed to get some great pics; a mixture of full length and head shots.

Keeping energy in mind we wanted to get some sense of movement into the shots, which lead me to these ‘joined frames’ which I really liked….


For the head shots we employed the help of an electric fan, which suitably blew some of Hilary’s hair about (once within a few inches of Hilary’s face – note to self: must use more powerful fan in future!)….


Just a brief bit about the lighting set up for the image at the top. Key light was provided by a beauty dish, which provides a lovely dramatic fall-off of light from head-to-toe, and two bare studio lights with refelectors provided the two highlighted spots on the backdrop.

lighting-diagram-IndieRock Shoot

A highly enjoyable shoot and some images I am really happy with.


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